Lumere + GHX Vision: What it Means for You

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  • Nov 20, 2020

In January 2020,  Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) acquired Lumere. Lumere’s extensive research library, automated workflows, and analytics designed to offer evidence-based intelligence for managing PPI spend were powerful additions to the GHX portfolio. In this on-demand presentation, senior GHX/Lumer leaders provide an executive-level summary of what the future holds for the combined organization, including some innovative initiatives currently underway and others that are still in the exploration stages.

This is your opportunity to hear directly from Lumere’s leadership on the potential for our combined vision to positively impact and improve your organization’s operations and revenue cycles, now and in the future.

Topics and presenters include:

  • Lumere + GHX: A New Path for Success
    Hani Elias, JD, MPH, Co-founder and Sr. VP and GM, Lumere
  • Product Vision & Road Map
    Bonnie Lai, PhD, VP Product, Lumere
  • Visibility into Physician Utilization
    Dan Hermes, Solution Specialist, Lumere