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A uniquely clinical approach to care variation and cost reduction.

Lumere (formerly Procured Health) is an organization comprised of clinicians, researchers, pharmacists and strategic thought leaders focused on helping health systems eliminate unwarranted clinical variation and cut unnecessary costs—specifically related to device and drug selection and utilization. By providing both physicians and hospital leaders with evidence-based data, information, and analytics they’ve previously lacked, Lumere accelerates their ability to optimize patient care and decrease healthcare’s financial burden.

What Sets Us Apart

Physician Focused

Everything we do starts with earning physicians’ trust. Because doctors rely on us for unbiased information about medications and devices, we never accept payment from vendors or manufacturers or do anything that would allow them to influence our research or recommendations. We recognize that physicians strive to provide the best care for every patient every time, and we work hard to provide them with reliable data, clinical evidence and thoughtfully designed tools to help make that goal possible.

Impact Driven

As we work with healthcare leaders around the country, we’re reminded again and again of the effort it takes to keep hospitals focused on delivering the highest value of care possible. We take the role of supporting that work seriously and are honored that so many of these organizations choose to work with us. We take a metrics-driven approach to evaluating our impact and continually look for ways we can help our clients achieve more.

Pushing the Frontier

Our employees are dreamers, thinkers and builders. We constantly push ourselves and each other to look beyond what worked yesterday and to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. There’s a reason we don’t have offices or cubicles – the best ideas never come from somebody sitting in a room alone. As a result, we’ve created the first clinically driven approach to device categorization, developed insights based on proprietary market intelligence, and defined novel approaches to help hospitals tackle care variation. And we’re just getting started.

Full and Flexible Solutions

No two people have the exact same needs, and the same is true of the health systems we work with. All of our solutions and services are carefully designed to work together while providing clear value on their own. Whether you’re looking to leverage evidence while evaluating new device requests or hoping to broadly improve overall patient care and financial performance, we’ve got you covered.

Our Clients

Over 65 health systems in more than 40 states rely on Lumere’s solutions and services, including:

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