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Identify and eliminate unwarranted care variation

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Up-to-date analysis of physician-level decisions

Variation Management links physician-level utilization data with clinical evidence to encourage patient-focused, cost-effective device selection. Hospital leaders can now develop strategies to reduce unnecessary variation in practice patterns.

“Lumere allows us to be transparent with our physicians by sharing practice pattern variation on a like-for-like procedure basis. Using this data, we can align with our surgeons on a vendor consolidation strategy.”

— Vice President, Southern AMC

How do you identify when clinical variation is unnecessary?

As healthcare systems shift toward value-based care, widespread and unwarranted clinical care variation makes it impossible to control costs and provide consistent care. Today, doctors need reliable information about their performance and the devices they use, and hospital leaders must find ways to improve operational efficiency without sacrificing patient outcomes.

Understand the impact of variation at the physician level

Variation Management draws on procedural utilization data to analyze when, where and how physicians are using specific medical devices.

We don’t just display information, we link physician utilization data with our proprietary database of clinical evidence and safety data to determine when and if variation is appropriate. Customized, physician-specific performance profiles open the door to real dialogue about practice patterns and clinically driven opportunities for change.

Variation Management
+ Measurement

Don’t Take Your Results for Granted

Complement all Lumere solutions. Ongoing monitoring ensures visibility into any obstacles to success and verifies that your decisions continue to drive results. Insight into variation and utilization enables you to proactively forecast savings and quickly correct any budget concerns.

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