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Make value-based medication policies

Comprehensive outcomes and reimbursement analysis

Value Management incorporates your outcomes and reimbursement data so you can make decisions that account for the total value of care. We review the clinical and financial repercussions of drug utilization and recommend actions and opportunities to improve.

“Lumere’s analysis of the evidence available in the literature is impressive, and when they combine that with our data, it gives us insight we need to address utilization issues before they become serious problems.”

— Director of Pharmacy, Asante

Do your drug decisions add value?

The shifting reimbursement landscape is challenging health systems to manage to value. As hospitals manage patients across a continuum of care and assume greater risk, it is important to understand not just drug costs, but also the value that medications provide.

Health systems lack the outcomes and reimbursement information they need to adapt.

Optimize every drug decision for value

With Value Management, you can now map the relationship between your formulary choices and your outcomes and margins. By combining your data with clinical insights and expert support, you can evaluate options head to head and arrive at the best clinical and financial decisions.

Outcomes analyses help you determine when a drug provides value that justifies higher pricing relative to comparators – and when it doesn’t. Insight into reimbursement shifts – such as changes to payments, payer mix and site of care – allows you to adapt medication policy appropriately.

Value Management
+ Measurement

Don’t Take Your Results for Granted

Complement Value Management with Measurement. Ongoing monitoring ensures visibility into any obstacles to success and verifies that your decisions continue to drive results. Insight into variation and utilization enables you to proactively forecast savings and quickly correct any budget concerns.

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