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Take control of your
prescription drug utilization

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Eliminate the pain of inappropriate use

Utilization Management blends evidence-based, clinically relevant information with prescriber patterns to make unbiased formulary recommendations that optimize drug spend and manage inappropriate utilization.

“How long would it have taken me to put this together? Probably forever. I don’t know that I could do it…we don’t have the capability to mine our data like this.”

— Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator, Health system in the Pacific Northwest

How will you tackle escalating spend?

Prescription drug prices continue to rise faster than the rate of reimbursement, and these increases are often unrelated to the medication’s actual value or demonstrated outcomes. These challenges are exacerbated by aggressive and sophisticated marketing designed to distract patients and providers from lower-cost alternatives along with rampant inappropriate and off-label use. Hospitals also frequently lack timely and systematic utilization review and management after drugs have been added to their formulary.

Broader, deeper drug utilization analysis

Uncovering inappropriate utilization and prioritizing opportunities requires insight into your health system’s purchases and usage.

Our team of pharmacists, researchers and practicing physicians develop actionable strategies for your biggest utilization, cost and selection criteria challenges. With Utilization Management, you gain:

  • Physician-level utilization data that puts patient care first
  • System-wide clarity that goes beyond benchmarking to identify the root causes of inappropriate utilization
  • The ability to account for confounding data, such as co-morbidities, to determine appropriate use
  • In-depth class reviews developed by our expert team

Utilization Management
+ Measurement

Don’t Take Your Results for Granted

Complement Utilization Management with Measurement. This solution for ongoing tracking and monitoring ensures visibility into any obstacles and verifies that your decisions continue to achieve the clinical and financial results you need.

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