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Eliminate variation from your device decisions

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The Gold Standard for Product Evaluations

Web-based Product Introduction Management removes the fragmentation and inefficiencies that hinder the product request process. Ensure that physicians are updated and that your decisions are streamlined, patient focused and evidence based.

“With Lumere, we can ensure that clinical and administrative leaders are making informed decisions about what’s best for our patients.”

— Vice President, Guthrie

Are you in the dark?

With up to one-third of all healthcare spending producing no patient benefit, making the right device selection decisions clearly impacts the value of care you provide. But hospitals often must make decisions based on biased vendor information because staying current on attributes, costs and outcomes is impossible.

The result is too many products with too much variation in cost and outcomes.

Make decisions with data and evidence

Web-based Product Introduction Management allows you to immediately redefine your device vetting process based on our thorough analysis of industry best practices and application of clinical evidence. We integrate an unmatched level of product knowledge into a workflow capability that can be customized to support provider organizations of any size.

Your physicians will gain transparency into the evaluation process and make decisions based on the most comprehensive outcomes data source in the industry.

Product Introduction Management
+ Measurement

Don’t Take Your Results for Granted

Complement Product Introduction Management with Measurement. This solution for ongoing tracking and monitoring ensures visibility into any obstacles and verifies that your decisions drive the clinical and financial results you need.

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