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Reset your expectations for
physician engagement

Let our clinical experts
guide you

With Physician Advisory, we combine analytical rigor with the knowledge and proven experience to help clinical and executive leaders optimize performance while strengthening physician relationships.

“When we started working with Lumere, our surgeons became very engaged and wanted to take on projects because they could actually see the variation.”

— Executive Director, Large IDN in the West

Build and foster your
physician relationships

Physician leadership is essential to the success of your largest variation and cost management initiatives. However, fragmented physician relationships, communication gaps and a lack of objective data often hinder collaboration, extend timelines and reduce effectiveness.

Expert support for your most important initiatives

Physician Advisory ensures alignment between physicians and hospital leaders—the critical success factor in implementing variation and cost reduction initiatives.

Because we understand how much is at stake for your organization, we bring together clinical, analytical and project management experience to support your most important projects from start to finish. Our team of practicing specialty physicians, researchers, project managers and data scientists take a hands-on, collaborative approach to creating change.

Proven Success
  • By analyzing average mesh spend per case and per physician to highlight variation and align practice patterns with the evidence, Physician Advisory helped a non-profit system save over $500,000 annually.
  • A hospital consortium used Physician Advisory to engage clinicians and standardize their selection of cardiac rhythm management devices. The result was a 20% annual cost savings.
  • Based on opportunities identified by Physician Advisory, a large IDN worked with its doctors to reduce their number of osteobiologics vendors from 40 to 6, with 96% physician compliance.

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