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Care Design

Proactively manage variation and costs

Build the infrastructure to make the right decision every time

With Care Design Excellence, we form a long-term partnership that provides you with the expertise and insight to support physicians in their quest to deliver high-value care. Our team is with you every step of the way to drive decisions regarding utilization, device and drug selection, and related practice guidelines.

“Lumere allows us to move much more quickly toward a new paradigm beyond what we initially thought possible. We can now stand up a function that physicians will see as a resource to improve performance and deliver care that’s aligned with evidence.”

— Chief Medical Officer, Midwest IDN

What’s limiting your operational efficiency and clinical outcomes?

As value-based care takes hold and new market forces challenge operating margins, health systems struggle to reduce unnecessary variation and standardize device and drug utilization across service lines. Fragmented and outdated governance processes, a lack of objective information and unavoidable gaps in expertise can make these challenges feel insurmountable.

But incremental change and a measured pace do not drive success. You need the expertise and information to quickly yet thoughtfully move beyond your biggest variation and cost challenges before they irreversibly damage your bottom line.

care design excellence

A partnership for transformational change

Care Design Excellence provides health systems with in-depth guidance and support as they make significant and sustainable improvements to the way they proactively manage variation and costs within and across service lines.

We partner with you to embed experts, resources and technologies that holistically address the organizational, informational and operational barriers that stand in the way of transformational change. We ensure that:

  • Hospital and physician leaders are engaged with a comprehensive understanding of critical success factors
  • A unified, cross-functional team is driving all decisions
  • Your physicians have access to the unbiased, clinically-based evidence, information and analytics they need to make high-value decisions

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