Making Better Decisions, Faster: How Yale New Haven Health Improved Efficiencies in the Clinical Product Evaluation Process

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  • Jan 01, 0001

Making better decisions, faster at Yale New Haven Health

The approval and adoption of new technologies is coming under greater scrutiny as healthcare organizations face increasing pressures to deliver top quality patient care while staying financially viable.

Taking an evidence-based approach to evaluating new technology is critical to determining if a requested product will improve patient outcomes or is just another shiny widget.

This new white paper about Yale New Haven Health explains how the health system leveraged technology to improve their clinical product evaluation process, resulting in a time savings of over 50%.

Download this white paper to:

  1. Learn how Yale is leveraging technology to improve their access to information and process
  2. Understand the urgent need for hospitals to take an evidence-based approach to decision-making
  3. Gain insight into which data points are essential to an effective clinical product evaluation process