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Lumere Presents A Conversation With:
Banner Health & Northwell Health

Pharmacy leaders at Banner Health and Northwell Health discuss new advancements in data/analysis, the evolving role of pharmacists, and how to operationalize formulary management across a system with many stakeholders.

This Webinar Features
Russ Funk, Pharm.D., MHSA, Chief Executive Officer, Pharmacy Services, Banner Health

Onisis Stefas, Pharm.D., MBA, Vice President & Chief Pharmacy Officer, Northwell Health

Bonnie Lai, PhD, Vice President, Product Management, Lumere

Topics featured guests will explore include:
– How forward-thinking leaders are approaching formulary management in new ways and what’s on their radar for the near future.

-How mature an organization is in its approach to formulary management

– Key practical tactics that can be leveraged immediately within an organization to improve formulary management

Join pharmacy leaders as they lead a conversation about elevating the practice of pharmacists to improve patient care and drive value beyond the pharmacy and across the entire health system.