Case Study

Lowering Costs and Aligning Physicians: The Power of Evidence-Based Sourcing

April 2021

Standardize CRM devices to drive down costs

Engaged physicians using clinical research and evidence-based value analyses

Saved $450,000 within 4 months

About the Health System

HealthFuture, LLC, an Oregon-based healthcare consortium needed to address rising supply costs without impacting patient outcomes. Doing so required consortium-wide consensus among clinical stakeholders and a compelling argument for why vendors should lower prices.


Health Future lacked the ability to track actual savings related to strategic sourcing events and suffered from poor project coordination across the entire consortium. They also suffered from a lack of collaboration and productive discussions between supply chain teams and physicians.


Health Future’s supply chain teams gained access to Lumere’s comprehensive evidence reviews and research articles. For the first time, they could communicate with physicians using evidence-backed insights derived from product reviews, recall information, adverse events, and a wide breadth of clinical literature.


Focusing on cardiac rhythm management devices, Supply chain leaders were able to build a compelling argument for favorable contract terms and lower costs with their suppliers with a recognized savings of $450K.

Lumere gives us the ability to approach physicians with credible information. We can build trust early on and set the stage for future discussions.

Libby Brown, Regional Manager