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Evidence saved health system $500K and controlled off-label use of IVIG

  • Almost $500k in projected IVIG savings
  • Standardized 80% of IVIG volume to one brand
  • Appropriate utilization and dosing guidelines curbed off-label usage of IVIG


  • Intravenous immune globulins (IVIGs) represent an enormous spend of over $1.7 billion annually for U.S. health systems.
  • There are nine major brands with over 100 off-label uses, despite FDA approval for fewer than ten indications.

Health System 1: “Do we really need multiple brands?”

Massive IVIG spending forced a health system in the Northwest to question whether using seven different brands made clinical and financial sense.

Lumere reviewed over 200 published studies to compare safety and efficacy across brands. The evidence showed that six brands had similarly broad utility across patient populations. Standardizing to one of the six would provide similar patient outcomes while cutting costs.

Standardizing 80% of IVIG volume to one brand will yield a projected $480,000 in annual savings.

Health System 2: “How can we curb off-label use?”

A West Coast academic medical center (AMC) needed to implement use restrictions to combat rampant off-label utilization.

Lumere’s review of the evidence showed that, of the AMC’s top ten uses for IVIG, only five were supported by evidence, four were conditionally supported and one was not supported.

Service line working groups used Lumere’s guidance on appropriate utilization and dosing to create and implement rigorous policies to standardize care and reduce off-label use.


annual savings in IVIG spend


IVIG volume standardized to one brand


of top ten uses of IVIG impacted by guidelines

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