“Value analysis as a stand-alone governance process is failing…”: An Interview with Lumere Leadership

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During a recent in-depth interview with Value Analysis Utilization and Management Magazine, my Lumere (formerly Procured Health) colleague Gina Thomas and I discussed some critical observations we’ve made based on our work with health systems around the country, including the importance of clinical evidence to drive decision-making and the role of physicians in eliminating unwarranted clinical variation.

Most importantly, we reiterated our firm belief that value analysis committee model is ineffective and outdated. As Gina put it:

Value analysis as a stand-alone governance process is failing, and many organizations have seen this. It must be embedded within an organization’s clinical care governance as a patient-centered multidisciplinary approach. Unfortunately, many value analysis leaders have been inundated with contracting and sourcing projects rather than having the opportunity to drive true value from a clinical and evidenced-based perspective.

Read the full interview here.