Restoring Public Trust in Healthcare with Better Evidence

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The importance of clinical evidence in driving healthcare decisions is core to our mission here at Lumere. I recently wrote an article for Physicians Practice looking at the how evidence-based practices can help bolster public trust in the medical community. I stated:

As an orthopedic surgeon with over twenty years of private practice, I remain dedicated to nurturing the deep trust that my patients place in me. Two recent articles from The New York Times caught my attention that question the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship, one of them focusing heavily on orthopedics.

In the Jan.13 article titled, “Can Your Hip Replacement Kill You?”,  Jeanne Lenzer uses Johnson & Johnson’s defective ASR XL metal-on-metal hip as the launching point for a sobering discussion about “the untested and largely unregulated medical device industry.” In the second article, “Do You Trust the Medical Profession?” from Jan. 23, Dhruv Khullar, MD, looks more broadly at the eroding relationship between Americans and our institutions dedicated to maintaining public health and safety.

Read the full article here.