Leading Health Systems Overhaul New Technology Requests With Integrated Governance Model

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Health systems are often more paralyzed by “evolutionary” new technology requests than by those that are revolutionary. To address the waste that this confusion can lead to, health systems must evaluate their existing governance models and reinvigorate their technology review processes to ensure that the right teams and governance structures are in place to align with organizational goals.

Below are three recommended approaches to reviewing and approving new technology. While each has pros and cons, we’ve observed the most success when the model is patient-centered and grounded in a service line approach.

Who should review and approve new technology?



Create a decision tree
Regardless of the structure your organization chooses, be sure to circulate a decision tree to your team. Below is a sample decision tree based on PPI and FDA classification.

Routing decisions to an executive oversight committee
An executive oversight committee can provide effective direction and remove barriers to an improved new technology review structure, especially for larger IDNs with multiple sites and variances looking to standardize care across the system.