Clinical Evidence + Spend Data = Actionable Medical Device Information Like Never Before

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In this new era of fact-driven, evidence-based medicine, a health system’s clinical and financial decisions must go hand in hand to ensure the best care at the lowest cost. That’s why Lumere developed the industry’s only solution that brings together evidence, product information and financial data into one streamlined experience for evaluating medical devices.

But we haven’t stopped there—we continue to innovate based on valuable client feedback and our own market research. In this spirit, I’m excited to announce major enhancements that will make the way our clients interact with our medical device solutions even more efficient and meaningful.

So what’s new? We’ve fundamentally redesigned the user experience so you can now easily review your spend, pricing and purchase volume right alongside market benchmark prices, key product facts and clinical information—all in one place. With just a few clicks, you can:

  • Compare your costs to market prices and pinpoint devices you’re paying too much for
  • Explore market pricing on products you don’t currently purchase —and compare them to similar devices
  • Review all the available clinical evidence for a device or group of devices
  • Perform in-depth spend analyses to support standardization of your spend and acquisition prices

This unprecedented access to information allows you to directly identify, assess and share potential savings opportunities within and across the most clinically impactful device categories – leading to more rapid decision-making and impact.

Clients who’ve previewed these enhancements quickly recognize the ability they gain to effectively reduce variation, increase savings and improve care. As one supply chain leader at a Northeastern health system said, “Having pricing info and visibility into what you purchase as well as the alternatives within a category is really helpful. The financials are usually the slowest part for the contracting team. It’s a lot of work to be able to say to a physician if something is more expensive than existing options, and with this, they can instantly see that.”

With these enhancements, we at Lumere are taking exciting new steps to ensure the transparent exchange of information—both clinical and financial—between hospital administrators and physicians. We look forward to your feedback!

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