A Note from Our CEO: Procured Health Is Now Lumere

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I’m excited to share some big news with you—Procured Health is now Lumere!

My colleagues and I founded Procured Health in 2012 to assist hospitals and physicians in their efforts to make evidence-based and data-driven device selection and utilization decisions. Over time, as value-based care has become a reality, we’ve broadened our focus to more holistically guide clinicians and administrative leaders in not only devices but also in medication utilization. Additionally, we have launched new and innovative professional services. As a result, we felt our identity needed to better represent this expanded scope and mission. Watch a video to learn more about our unique clinical approach.

After careful consideration, we chose Lumere, a name that evokes an ideal state of enlightened healthcare fueled by unbiased, consistent and cost-effective care delivery decisions. We see it as our mission to reveal the opportunities, inform the decisions and guide the actions that will help you turn that ideal state into reality. You don’t need to look any further than the recent New York Times article “Can Your Hip Replacement Kill You?” to understand the importance of the issues that we’re addressing.

The name change becomes official on January 24. Our clients can rest assured that this will not impact their agreement or service level in any way. We also are not making any changes to the company’s ownership or governance structure. I’ll be hosting a conference call on February 7 to answer any additional questions you have. [Click here to listen to a recording of this call.]

On behalf of all of us at Lumere, thank you for helping us learn and grow. We’re eager to find even more ways to support your efforts in the months and years ahead!



Hani Elias, JD, MPH
CEO and Co-Founder