Procured Health Hosts Annual Leadership Roundtable to Explore the Frontier of Healthcare Change

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Chicago (September 07, 2017) — Procured Health, a leader in providing health systems with solutions that improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency, recently held “Seeking the Frontier,” the firm’s first annual Leadership Roundtable. During the event, administrative and clinical executives shared perspectives, insights and strategies to address the industry’s biggest challenges.

“Healthcare has undergone drastic, fundamental change on multiple fronts over the past five years,” said Procured Health CEO Hani Elias. “For us, ‘seeking the frontier’ means acknowledging that old ways of thinking are no longer viable. To be successful in this new paradigm, health systems must work hard to provide the best patient care at the lowest cost, and bringing together multiple perspectives to explore new ideas, grounded in evidence, is a vital first step.”

During the two-day event, speakers and facilitators from several leading health systems and industry partners engaged in discussions on issues such as the impact of innovation in providing patient-centered care, the importance of physician leadership, federal policy changes impacting healthcare and the increasing emphasis on patient-driven consumerism. Presenters included:

  • Nathan Bays, JD, Managing Director, Cain Brothers
  • John Cherf, MD, Chief of Orthopedics, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
  • Eric Louie, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Healthbox
  • Rupal B. Malani, MD, Partner, and Maria Sodini, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Crystal Vasquez, DNP, MDA, Director, Solutions Innovation, American Hospital Association

“The interactive nature of the Leadership Roundtable led to fascinating conversations,” said Will Walker, Medical Director of Surgical Services for Novant Health, Greater Charlotte Market. “Hearing from others—both speakers and attendees—about how health systems around the country are building new processes and encouraging collaboration between hospital administrators and clinicians provided new strategies for conversations with physicians.”

According to Elias, future Leadership Roundtables will continue to explore new strategies for seeking the frontier, regardless of whatever specific changes the future holds for the healthcare industry.

“We’re all part of a community dedicated to helping improve patient outcomes,” he said. “The Leadership Roundtable is an extension of that community, and what we discussed will continue to be valuable in ways that fuel our work going forward.”

To see more about the Procured Health Leadership Roundtable, visit our website.

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