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Love your Mondays: 9 Chicago companies where your work matters

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  • Feb 06, 2019

From Built In Chicago, February 6, 2019

Alton Zenon III compiled a list of nine Chicago tech companies that can take your career in exciting and meaningful directions, including Lumere.

What they do: Lumere works to optimize efficiency at hospitals by offering them data-driven insights on the devices they’re using and the drugs they’re prescribing, with the ultimate goal being to save them money and improve patient care.

What they look for: “In order to disrupt a field as large and intricate as healthcare, you’ve got to be relentlessly curious, energized by complex challenges and see value in diversity of thought,” said Vice President of People and Culture Sne Patel. “Every individual at Lumere is comfortable creating processes and ideas from scratch when needed. And each of us is committed to doing our best work every day in service to our mission and to each other.”

Top perks: For the mind,Lumere established a speaker series to let team members stay relevant on industry and community topics and enable team members to demonstrate their expertise via conferences and papers. They also host reading clubs focused on topics that lead to robust discussions in addition to offering a host of training and development opportunities.

For the body, the company offers a discounted gym membership, standing desks, in-office yoga and meditation, comprehensive healthcare plans, cold brew, rotating craft beers on tap, wine tastings and team outings.

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