A digest for doctors overwhelmed by studies

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  • Aug 22, 2018
By one count, more than 2 million scientific studies are published each year. This is where Lumere comes in.

by H. Lee Murphy, Crain’s Chicago Business, August 22, 2018

By one count, more than 2 million scientific studies are published each year in some 28,000 journals. It’s the rare physician or hospital these days that isn’t drowning in data and statistics. This is where Lumere enters the picture.

Lumere is a software subscription service that aggregates all of the most important healthcare studies, on new medical devices and medications in particular, and distills the information into a sort of medical shorthand for the time-pressed doctor or hospital administrator. The Loop company, founded in 2012 as Procured Health, has a staff of 96, with clinical researchers combing the internet each day for authoritative new research working alongside software and data engineers who upload the information onto proprietary programs that doctors and hospitals pay for each month.

Eric Meizlish, 36, president and a co-founder of Lumere, sat down with Crain’s Chicago Business recently to talk about the work his company is doing.

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