6 Chicago Tech Offices Designed to Inspire

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  • Aug 22, 2019

Built In Chicago, August 22, 2019

Sure, it’s possible to produce excellent work in a small room with four white walls, but where’s the fun in that? Office spaces should have as much personality as the team members working in them and encourage creativity and collaboration, as well as be indicative of the overall company culture.

Take a peek inside the offices of six beautiful Chicago companies and learn about what their teams love most about them.


When the work you do everyday could impact peoples’ health, it’s important to remember to relax from the pressure now and then. Infrastructure and Compliance Lead Joe Kimball works at Lumere, which helps healthcare facilities make smart choices about their device usages and their prescribed drugs. According to Kimball, there are plenty of places to wind down in the office.

What’s the coolest feature of your office, and how does it reflect your company culture?
The most unique feature of our office is our quiet zone, which lets people take a break from all the teamwork and synergy we’re constantly producing. It has couches, standing desks and no talking. It’s a nice little place to relax, kick back and pretend to work.

What’s your team’s favorite part of the office and why?
Our favorite part is the many Zoom-connected conference rooms. It’s easy to pop into one of these and start a meeting with our remote employees, or connect to the TV and stream the World Cup.