Master Your Drug Management Challenges


Uncover alternatives by comparing drugs within indications to determine therapeutic equivalency, evaluate formulary additions and address drug shortages.


Identify clinical initiatives and fast track MUEs by identifying and implementing strategies for medication use optimization.


Streamline the P&T process and document formulary decisions with a workflow solution that improves communication and collaboration.


Track compliance and outcomes of P&T initiatives to measure impact and course-correct more effectively.


An effectively managed formulary ensures the rational selection of safe, medically appropriate and cost-effective drugs that best serve the health interests of a given patient population. These goals cannot be achieved without the ongoing application of clinical evidence.


Our Pharmacy Solutions

P&T Management

Access unbiased research, ensure proper prescribing protocols, measure impact and digitally manage your entire P&T process.

Medication Use Optimization

Combine clinical insights with your purchasing and utilization data to identify savings opportunities, develop evidence-backed usage policies, and track clinical and financial outcomes.

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  • How long would it have taken me to put together the type of analysis that Lumere provides? Probably forever. I don’t know that I could do it…we don’t have the capability to mine our data like the way Lumere does.

    Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator

    Health system in the Pacific Northwest

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