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To assist during the COVID-19 crisis, Lumere is proud to have provided 200+ hospitals and healthcare systems complimentary access to our extensive research library during the past two months.
We collaborated with GHX to identify products at risk of shortage and provided data and clinical research to help organizations quickly discern potential product alternatives. Our clinical research library of more than 33,000 device and drugs has helped organizations more successfully navigate supply shortages.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to explore our COVID-19 content or medical device and drug research, complete the form provided and we’ll share more information.

It is our honor to serve the healthcare industry in this time of need.
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“Thank you so much. I have sent on the list of COVID At Risk Supplies…and team just told me how thankful they were…as some of the items they did not consider… “
“…I’ve been utilizing the COVID-19 resources. Thank you for making this available during these challenging times. “