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The Lumere (previously Procured Health) Leadership Roundtable gathers top healthcare leaders in the country to collaborate, share, and solve healthcare’s biggest challenges in an interactive forum. Roundtable attendees took valuable insights and actions back to their organizations.

What did the attendees have to say about the event?

“The biggest advantage of these types of meetings is understanding how others are using [Procured Health], how they’re building it into their processes, how they make it a day-to-day part of their operations.” – Thomas V. Chickerella, System Vice President, Supply Chain & Pharmacy, Ardent Health

“The only way to tackle big problems is by bringing people together who have different backgrounds. Every doctor wants to know how they’re doing; they want to know how they’re doing relative to peers, but also how they’re doing relative to evidence.” -Hani Elias, CEO, Procured Health

Watch the video about the Leadership Roundtable below:

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