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Building A Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

Supply chain leaders are driving value in new ways. Impacting supply selection and utilization presents significant opportunities, but doing so requires clinical insights and expertise.

Product Introduction Management Category Optimization

Maximize Your Impact Across New and Existing Spend

Bolster supply chain’s clinical expertise with objective cross-references & comprehensive evidence.

Manage an effective value analysis and new product review process by streamlining with best-in-class workflow tools.

Accelerate strategic sourcing initiatives with clinically driven analytics that unlock value beyond price.

Quantify actualized savings to measure impact and course correct more effectively.

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The financial future of healthcare has fundamentally changed. In this new reality, health system leaders must uncover new savings opportunities while driving increased supply chain resiliency.

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Our Supply Chain Solutions

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New Product Requests

Ensure clinically based product selection decisions with the most comprehensive research and end-to-end new product request management solution in the market.

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Strategic Sourcing

Rely on unmatched utilization insights and subject matter expertise to uncover device savings opportunities and ensure compliance with initiatives.


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Over 65 health systems in more than 40 states rely on Lumere’s solutions and services, including:

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I can go on Google and look up the last ten papers written on a robot device. But what Lumere does is digest a lot of that information and grade the evidence. They differentiate between a randomized trial with a government sponsor versus a company-sponsored, non-randomized trial that may have significant bias.

Dr. Christopher White

Medical Director of Value-Based Care; System Chair, Cardiovascular Diseases, Ochsner Health System